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We’re leveraging the latest technologies to develop the next generation of cost-efficient and high-performing energy storage solutions, enabling charging freedom for EV operators everywhere.


Our solutions are designed and developed here in the UK.

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Rapid EV charging for quick vehicle turnaround

Get 200 miles of range in just 30 minutes of 100kW charging (or 100 miles from our smaller 50kW systems).

No need for a high power grid connection

Avoid costly grid infrastructure upgrades. Our systems can charge up from low power sources - just 7kW or 22kW.

Convenient charging, exactly where you want it

Total freedom of location. Our systems can be installed freestanding or wall-mounted at your site or secured in the back of a vehicle for portable off-grid charging.

Easy integration with renewable generators

Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint further by smoothly integrating with solar panels or wind turbines.

Lower energy costs

Our systems can pull energy when the energy price is low, for anytime vehicle charging up to 10x cheaper than typical public charging.

Cost-effective solution

Our unique technology approach eliminates the need for costly power conversion components, bringing down the cost of the system versus traditional solutions.


Get faster vehicle turnaround on-site without changing your grid power supply.

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Are you a last mile delivery fleet, taxi firm or fast response service?


Charge more of your vehicles on-site, faster.


Get up to 100 miles of range in just 15 mins of charging conveniently from your depot, without paying for grid infrastructure upgrades.


Get high-power charging within a single low-cost and compact system, for off-grid use.

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Do you provide vehicle recovery services or off-grid charging?


Our systems can be secured in the back of a vehicle, sized to best meet your need for energy capacity vs system compactness.


Enabling you to give a boost to any EV.


Get the freedom of Rapid charging rates at home, along with a home energy system providing backup power and solar storage.

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We're providing the first home energy storage system that integrates with your rooftop solar array, provides backup power, and provides ultimate EV charging freedom - up to 100 miles of range in just 30 minutes of charging, right at home.

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